We are a fast growing international wholesaler with strong business relationships throughout Europe and Asia.

Our committed team operates in the market of fast-moving consumer goods, offering A-brand luxury products like beer, confectionary and toiletries. Cooperating with new Dutch and European suppliers gives us the opportunity to continuously expand our product assortment based on your needs.

We offer a vast selection of brands:

What can we do for you?

Every day we are advancing trade around the world– reliably, efficiently and responsibly. Moving physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed. Whether you’re a producer, supplier, potentional partner or an end-user. We have the focus, commitment and the expertise to get you closer to your markets.



Wholesaler in fast moving consumer goods and serving the global market.



Partnership with big brands and outstanding relationships with clients and suppliers.



Vast network of contacts in South East Asia, deep rooted ties in all of Europe.



Reliable and competitive logistics; we offer transportation by road, air and sea, moving products globally.

Who are we?

Zen Global Trading started nearly ten years ago as a small intermediary for local companies. Due to our expertise and professionalism we quickly grew and became one of the key players in our niche. Establishing a name for ourselves as ‘the’ international wholesaler for all fast moving consumer goods. With reliable and competitive logistics, we really live up to the word ‘global’ in our name. The word ‘no’ does not exist in our dictionary, anything is achievable. This solidified our business approach and ‘everything is possible’ became our signature trademark.

Supplying the demand is what most companies do, and like most, we fall under this category regularly. Our aim however is to supply the not yet existing demand. Either by creating it ourselves, or to anticipate the wonderful, yet treacherous world of global trading. Realizing our objective won’t be easy. Nonetheless we shall succeed, by being one step ahead of the market, always and indefinitely.

We strongly believe that each culture has their own cultural values and approach in specific matters, which is why Zen Global enlists specialists from many different nationalities and backgrounds to increase our range of commercialism, and above all, to increase the understanding of our clients and markets. Zen Global Trading does not differentiate between start-ups, web shops or market giants, treating everyone with the same courtesy and respect. With uprights morals and ethics, we hope to establish a bond that goes further than a mere business relation. Establishing a pillar of trust is our objective, while we delve into new products and markets alongside our clients.

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Do you need a partner with experiences and know-how? Are you a company which develops an interesting product? Then we might collaborate to help you presenting certain markets. Our business is locally and internationally active. There are a lot of opportunities in front of us. A good business is a good relief where we can grow together. If conditions are attractive for both parties, we will be ready to invest together.

Contact Info

Headoffice Zen Global Trading BV
Meer en Duin 60
Lisse, The Netherlands

Zen Global Trading Germany
Koeningsborner Straße 26A
Biederitz, Germany

Phone: +31 252 347 137 for Dutch/English

Mobile: +31 616 405 086 for German

Web: zenglobaltrading.com